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Our Process

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Intake and Discovery

Welcome to Your First Step Towards Financial Clarity! We begin our journey with a friendly and comprehensive intake session. Here, we get to know you and your unique tax situation. Our goal? To fully understand your needs and concerns, making sure we leave no stone unturned

Pull Transcripts

Pulling Transcripts

Navigating the Maze of Tax Records with Ease. Our next move is to gather all necessary tax transcripts directly from the IRS. This step is crucial, as it allows us to piece together an accurate and complete picture of your tax history. Rest assured, we handle all the heavy lifting, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you

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Developing a Plan

Crafting Your Custom Tax Resolution Blueprint. With a clear understanding of your tax scenario, we now strategize the best course of action. This tailored plan is designed to offer you the most effective solution for your tax concerns, providing a clear path forward and peace of mind.

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Taking Action

Turning Plans into Reality – Your Tax Resolution in Action! This is where things really start to happen. We diligently implement the agreed-upon plan, tackling your tax issues head-on. Throughout this phase, we keep you informed and involved, ensuring a transparent and empowering experience.

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Understanding Tax Solutions: Frequently Asked Questions

What is Tax Resolution and Who Needs It?

Tax resolution involves negotiating with tax authorities to resolve a taxpayer’s debts and compliance issues. It’s suitable for individuals or businesses facing unpaid taxes, penalties, audits, or other tax disputes. If you’re struggling with tax debt, facing penalties, or dealing with complex tax issues, tax resolution can help you find a manageable solution.

What is the Difference Between a Tax Lien and a Tax Levy?

A tax lien and a tax levy are both tools used by the IRS to collect unpaid taxes, but they work in different ways.

  • Tax Lien: A tax lien is a legal claim against your property, including real estate, personal property, and financial assets, as security for a tax debt. It’s essentially a public notice to your creditors that the government has a legal right to your property. A lien doesn’t mean the IRS will seize your property, but it can affect your ability to sell or refinance your assets and may damage your credit score.
  • Tax Levy: A tax levy, on the other hand, is an actual seizure of your property to satisfy a tax debt. This can include garnishing your wages, taking money from your bank accounts, seizing and selling your vehicles, real estate, and other personal property. A levy typically happens when you don’t pay your taxes or make arrangements to settle your debt and you’ve ignored previous notices from the IRS.

Understanding the difference between a lien and a levy is important for effectively managing tax obligations and avoiding more severe financial consequences. If you’re facing a lien or a levy, tax resolution services can help you negotiate with the IRS and find a solution to resolve your tax issues.

What Should I Do If I Haven't Filed Tax Returns for Past Years?

If you have unfiled tax returns, it’s important to address this as soon as possible to avoid further penalties and interest. We can assist you in gathering necessary documents, preparing the overdue returns, and negotiating with the IRS to minimize potential penalties.

Can Payroll Tax Debt Be Resolved Through Tax Resolution Services?

Yes, payroll tax debt is a serious matter and can be resolved through various tax resolution strategies. Options may include setting up a payment plan, seeking penalty relief, or negotiating an Offer in Compromise. Each case is unique, so it’s crucial to analyze your specific situation to determine the best course of action.

About Toni Rodgers

Enrolled Agent

As an IRS designated Enrolled Agent and experienced tax resolution specialist, Toni is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses overcome their IRS-related challenges. With in-depth knowledge of tax laws and regulations, Toni provides expert guidance and effective strategies to navigate the complexities of tax resolution. From negotiating with the IRS to developing personalized resolutions, Toni is committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for clients. Whether you’re facing tax debt, audits, or other tax issues, Toni’s expertise and personalized approach ensure that you receive the support you need to achieve financial stability and peace of mind. Trust Toni for comprehensive tax resolution services tailored to your specific needs.

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Professional Credentials and Memberships

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Toni is amazingly thorough, has great attention to detail and above all very patient when explaining things

Toni is careful, thorough and has a disciplined, methodical yet creative approach to her work. She keeps abreast of technologies that relate to the industry as well as changing business trends.


Toni is knowledgeable, efficient, responsive, a good communicator, accommodating and patient. I highly recommend her.


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